Touch Radio 128 | Geneva Skeen & Sarah Rara

23.03.17 – Geneva Skeen & Sarah Rara – Live in Los Angeles – 37:03 – 320 kbps

Live at Human Resources, Los Angeles, February 18, 2017

1. Geneva Skeen – Pop Song 16:48
2. Sarah Rara – Separating the Air 20:12 – Projected Text

For the closing of Yann Novak’s exhibition Repose, Novak invited Geneva Skeen and Sarah Rara to perform inside/alongside his installation. Each artist’s performance was accompanied by the sound of Novak’s installation demonstrated here via a room-recording from the event.

Skeen’s Pop Song is a temporal response to Novak’s drone work, and a cultural response to our times. In harmonizing with Novak’s loop – divided into 3-4 minute segments (the average acceptable length of a pop song) – Skeen’s Pop Song acknowledges that populist times call for populist measures, but refuses populist comfort, acceptance, and pale standards of beauty as means of resistance.

Rara’s Separating the Air: games of listening and learning between voice and computer at the boundary between music and speech. Each part is a device to punctuate silence, divide time, move the air.

Photo: Christopher Wormald

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Touch Radio 127 | farmersmanual

14.10.16 – Farmers Manual – glague general gen (UNSUPERVISED LEARNING AND REFINEMENT OF RHYTHMIC PATTERNS) – 01:00:00 – 320 kbps

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Touch Radio 126 | Tim Shaw

12.09.16 – Tim Shaw – Surrounding Air – 21:20 – 320 kbps

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Touch Radio 125 | Philip Jeck

10.05.16 – Philip Jeck – Live at The Battery, San Francisco – 17:26 – 320 kbps

As part of the Touch Conference series of events which took place on the west coast of USA April-May 2016. With thanks to Brooke Wentz.

Photo: Gun battery placement, Hawk Hill

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Touch Radio 124 | Mark Van Hoen

10.05.16 – Mark Van Hoen – Live at The Battery, San Francisco – 19:58 – 320 kbps

As part of the Touch Conference series of events which took place on the west coast of USA April-May 2016.

With thanks to Andrew Freid.

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Touch Radio 123 | Daniel Menche

10.05.16 – Daniel Menche – Live at Chapel Space, Seattle – 24:00 – 320 kbps

As part of the Touch Conference series of events which took place on the west coast of USA April-May 2016

Recorded by Jake Muir. With thanks to Steve Peters & Vance Galloway.

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Touch Radio 122 | JUNTA

26.01.16 – Francisco Alvelos – JUNTA: VIVA PORTUGAL! (1974) – 26:16 – 320 kbps

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Touch Radio 121 | Dave Knapik

24.01.16 – Dave Knapik – Storm Jonas – 25:19 – 320 kbps

Over 18 people have died as over 40 inches of snow fell on the eastern seaboard of the United States. It was the second largest in New York City, where over 29 inches fell, since 1869… This recording was made in Williamsburg, Brooklyn using a Zoom iQ6 microphone and iPad Air 2.

Photo: Dave Knapik

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Touch Radio 120 | Thierry Charollais

04.01.16 – Thierry Charollais – Live at Les Digitales 2015 – Bern 29.08.2015 – 21:56 – 320 kbps

“Live performance on August 29th 2015, at the Botanic Garden in Bern (Switzerland) during the electronic music festival Les Digitales. Especially composed for this concert, this track has not only relaxing, but also disturbing parts. The purpose was to give to the audience a sonic environment which contrasts with the quietness of Bern’s Botanic Garden.”

photo : “Radioactivity 4” courtesy Cécilia Kapitz

Touch Radio :333 | 333

9.12.15 – 333 – Touch :333 – 10:54 – 256 kbps

If ever there was a reason for 333 to break its own rules, this is it: the 33rd anniversary of the very first Touch release. So we skip our proverbial anonymous random modus operandi just this once. We even managed to produce proper liner notes to a 3-track extravaganza. And just this once, we -are- naming our sources.

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Touch Radio 118 | Patrick Franke

26.10.15 – Patrick Franke – Oriental Chrorus – 29:26 – 320 kbps

“In Spring 2013 I was part of an ornithological survey (bird migration census) in a desert area in the Nile Valley, Egypt. Our team lived, considering local conditions, in a rather modern building in a town called Sandafa Al Far.

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Touch Radio 117 | Bethan Kellough

22.09.15 – Bethan Parkes – Live in Los Angeles – 24:00 – 320 kbps

Performed live at Resonant Forms on 11th September 2015 in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Also live that night were Simon Scott & Jen Boyd. With thanks to Volume, Rafa Esparza and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.

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Touch Radio 116 | Willem Sannen

29.08.15 – Willem Sannen – End of Summer – 14:49 – 320 kbps

“After a heat wave of almost one month in the south of France this is the sound of that first rainy morning at the swimming pool. I recorded the rain and thunder in the countryside near Quissac (between Nîmes and Montpellier) with 2 Line Audio CM3 microphones in a spaced pair configuration into a Mixpre-D into a Sony PCM-M10.”

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Touch Radio 115 | Vault!

25.06.15 – Vault! – 25:43 – 320 kbps

“Mark [Van Hoen] and I visited the tunnels underneath downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday. Many miles of these tunnels are closed to the public, but a section underneath the city archive collection is open. We recorded using an iPhone 6 and a Zoom H6. One of the signs had been adapted to read: “SOUNDs HORNy”.

Touch Radio 114 | Pascal Wyse

01.06.15 – Pascal Wyse – Any Port in a Storm – 09:34 – 320 kbps

To call this field recording would be crediting the situation with more adventure than it deserves. At five in the morning, with a hangover starting to percolate, the ideal conditions are surely to just roll over, hit record and go back to sleep – and that is pretty much what happened here. End of disclaimer.

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Touch Radio 113 | Simon Scott

27.04.15 – Simon Scott – Caxton Gibbet – 31:36 – 320 kbps

The word ‘gibbet’ is used both to refer to an executional structure and to a hanging iron cage that used to display the remains of executed prisoners; when someone is thusly displayed, it is known as ‘gibbeting’.

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Touch Radio 112 | Bethan Kellough

06.04.15 – Bethan Parkes – Krafla Geothermal Power Station/Hverir, Iceland June 2014 – 27:28 – 320 kbps

This composition features unprocessed recordings from Krafla Geothermal Power Station and the nearby mudpools and steam vents of Hverir in Northern Iceland. The recordings were made in June 2014, on the Wildeye sound recording course led by Chris Watson and Jez Riley French, using a SoundField SPS200 and JrF contact microphones.

The composition draws upon the spatial experiences of recording at these sites, journeying from the booming, all-encompassing drone emitting from the boreholes; through the uncontained, explosive energy of steam vents and bubbling mud-pools; and into the inner sonic worlds of the metal pipes and geodesic structures that punctuated the lava field.

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Touch Radio 111 | Mark Van Hoen

17.02.15 – Mark Van Hoen – Anthem for the Homeless – 21:40 – 320 kbps

“Inspired by BJ Nilsen’s performance at LACE in Los Angeles last month, I decided to attempt my own composition using field recordings. The source recordings are quite crude in comparison to those made by the great Mr Nilsen; I even used only an iPhone to collect the recordings; but after a little judicious use of processing back at the studio, I am pleased with the results. On leaving LACE after the show, I noticed how many homeless were sleeping in the doorways at the back of the venue, where my car was parked. There were several droning air-conditioners, some emitting quite rhythmic sounds. It occurred to me that there are many that would hear this as music (myself included) but it’s very doubtful that those sleeping in those doorways do… or perhaps some do find some comfort or music in such sounds. I assembled several of them to create this, an anthem for the homeless.”

Photo by Mike Harding taken in downtown Los Angeles

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Touch Radio 110 | Pinkcourtesyphone

22.01.15 – Pinkcourtesyphone – Live at LACE – 35:40 – 320 kbps

Recorded by Myke Dodge Weiskopf at Touch presents… Live in Los Angeles, 21st January 2015. With thanks to LACE, VOLUME and especially Yann Novak.

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Touch Radio 109 | Before Surgery

04.01.15 – Before Surgery – Potlatch – 16:19 – 320 kbps

Field recording of fireworks on Saint John’s Night, June 23, 2014, the local pagan inheritor celebration of the Summer Solstice. Recording by Heitor Alvelos on Bruce Geduldig and Bernadette Martou’s balcony, Porto, Portugal. The vantage point, overlooking the tail end of the Douro river from a considerable height, allows the acoustic experience to become as impressive as the visual: the sound of the fireworks travels back and forth through the valley in considerable detail.

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Touch Radio 108 | BJNilsen

31.12.14 – BJNilsen – NYE Berlin-Schöneberg 31.12.2014 – 38:26 – 320 kbps

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Touch Radio 107 | Audialsense

1.12.14 – Audialsense – Industrial Revolutions – 19:02 – 320 kbps

In May 2014, we were lucky enough to have direct access to the great machines of the industrial revolution on display in London’s Science Museum; the Mill Engine, by the Burnley Ironworks company, 1903, the Difference Engine No2, by Charles Babbage 1849.

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