Touch Radio 82 | Peter 7 Paelinck & Yves Bondue

28.08.12 – W12 – 16:22 – 192 kbps

Every month in 2012 we are recording a soundtrack at 12 different locations in the Westhoek, Belgium, where we live. We tried to find 12 places which have a meaning for us. Those places, sometimes are filled with history, sometimes with magick, have influenced us, losing or ego and creating sounds melting with the environment.

We are 6 months away; half W12.

JUNI12 has been recorded at ‘Farms Hospital’, between Vlamertinge and Elverdinge. It is an historcal place with ancient history of death and war – Yves’ playground when he was young, a place druids, a gathering point of nature sourced by its sounds of trees and birds.

The sound was made by field recordings, french horn, violin, ancient bass drum and manipulations.