Touch Radio 90 | Jez riley French

01.02.13 – instamatic: blue mountains, new south wales, australia – 12:40 – 320 kbps

bower floor | dawn chorus with rain | canyon wires

music sits above and under the first impression.

when duration allows these things come into focus, increasingly.

in swifter moments a sense of quietude is possible.

still, finding pace with listening as a lens, moving

recorded september 2012, during time spent following a residency at The Wired Lab, this piece begins with two recordings playing at the same time. One of a bower floor, with contact microphones and geophone (nb. some of these low frequencies will not be audible via computer speakers) alongside a dawn chorus amidst light rain – drops falling centimetres from a conventional stereo microphone. Towards the middle of the piece, a further contact microphone recording enters, revealing one of the most bizarre fence wire sounds i’ve yet managed to gather. Despite returning to the same stretch of canyon fence several times, this particular effect was only present on one occasion and lasted for around 10 minutes. My best guess is that humidity and the rising temperature combined to create a momentary, unrepeatable and extremely evocative effect on the wires. It is this infinite and unpredictable aspect to listening in situ that continues to fascinate me. Getting closer to and underneath the surface of environments and spaces is a constant revelation, a constant pleasure.
jrf c-series contact microphones | jrf prototype geophone | sanken cuw-180

thanks, always, to Maureen and Pheobe and to Sarah Last and Dave Burraston (The Wired Lab)

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