Touch Radio 11 | Devolution/Evolution: Stephen O’Malley interviews Dylan Carlson

21.12.05 – Devolution/Evolution: Stephen O’Malley interviews Dylan Carlson – 30:58

“Last August I was invited by the american metal magazine, Decibel, to interview Dylan Carlson for a regular feature they run called “Under The Influence”. The idea of the feature is basically musicians interviewing their main inspirators from the prior time, or something. Although this could be a bit silly and demeaning, Dylan and I have become friendly over the past few years and we both thought it would be a fun opportunity to talk shop and have this published! I can’t count the number of times we have been nerding out over tube talk, guitars etc… which is almost the result of this piece. The editor of said mag agreed to handle the transcription, so I added some initially Ambarchi-inspired bass waves to the recording in order to increase the pressure and atmosphere for the sorry intern who inherited the work. The feature ran with a ridiculous editorial introduction recently, but I think the recording itself turned into a gem of interest. The most memorable part of the conversation included catagorization of guitar models by religious persuasion, and speed metal as an athletic event. This marked the second time I interviewed Dylan formally, the first being in 1993 for a fanzine I had at the time (which remains unpublished, I have the tape somewhere).”