Touch Radio 32 | Tom Lawrence

32. 1.07.08 – Donadea Forest – 30:47 – 192 kpbs

Donadea Forest Recordings, December 2007 to May 2008.

00:00-04:27 Castle Crow’s Cacophony (31st December 2007, 7.20am)
04:28-10:23 January Gales 9th January 2008 10.45pm (contains references to 9/11 forest monument and the avenue of trees, captured with contact mics)
10:24-14:48 Forest Rain 12th January 2008 1.15am (extensive flooding)
14:49-20:36 Forest Harmonics 8th March 2008 6.20-11.50am (sampled forest chimes, forestry felling, and the ‘carbon chorus’ [surrounding motorways]).
20:37-30:47 The Dawn Chorus (recorded on National Dawn Chorus Day 20th May 2008, 4.35am)

Principal photography by Eddie Mallin from Dublin, currently living in Kildare. Using film-based cameras, he prints using traditional darkroom techniques and favours fibre-based papers. Images for this project are mainly scanned negatives. Monochrome images © Eddie Mallin. For more information, click here.

Supplementary photography captured during recording sessions by Tom Lawrence.

Special thanks to Karen Bothwell, Forest Manager Kildare & E.Laois and all the staff at Coillte Teoranta. For more info on Donadea Forest, click here.

These recordings were made using a Sennheiser mkh20 binaural rig, a Neumann kmr82, contact microphones, a hydrophone, a Sony C1 and a Sound Devices mixer and recorder.

You can read an article from Leinster, Ireland here and a review by John Coutanche here

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