Touch Radio 8 | Peter Rehberg

17.09.05 – Paris Qui Dort: Recorded live at Centre Pompidou, Paris 11.09.2004 – 34:32

“In June 2004 I was asked by Cinemix to perform a live score to the silent movie ‘Paris Qui Dort’ (directed by René Clair in 1923) at the Centre Pompidou in Paris on September 11th of that year. ‘Paris Qui Dort’ (‘Paris Asleep’, or as the English version of the film is known: ‘The Invisible Ray’) was not only René Clair’s first film but the first film to investigate the theme of the ‘deserted city’. The night watchman on the Eiffel Tower comes off his shift to find people all over Paris frozen in motion.Eventually he meets a group of unfrozen people who arrived that morning on a plane. The group enjoys the luxury of the city, dining in restaurants and taking jewelry as they want, however boredom soon sets in and the men fight over the woman. Eventually they receive a radio message directing them to come to a particular address. There a scientist tells them how he invented a ray that has frozen the whole city. They were unaffected because the Eiffel Tower and plane were out of the ray’s range.

And so on…..

This is the recording of that live score. (ErikM also scored a soundtrack to the same film on the same day.)”

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