Touch Radio 91 | Stanier Black-Five

02.03.13 – Silo – 17:47 – 320 kbps

Photo: David Cowlard

Live at Silo 6, Auckland at the Audio Foundation’s Now! Here! Festival 12.08.12

A performance in one New Zealand’s most reverberant spaces, a complex of six disused cement silos on Auckland’s waterfront. Harnessing their amazing acoustics, Stanier Black-Five made a series of initial field recordings within the silos, which were then re-introduced into the same space as the source material for this live performance. All the reverb is natural. No effects were used.

Stanier Black-Five is the New Zealand-based sound artist and writer, Jo Burzynska. Her audio work is largely based on the manipulation of her own environmental recordings and found sounds, which she uses to create dense soundscapes that use sources such as the pounding rhythms of trains to the sounds of the earthquakes that have recently shaken her city. She also creates multi-sensory installations that combine sound and taste.
Thanks to the Audio Foundation for hosting the event, David Hornblow & Shaun Collins for the live sound & Malcolm Riddoch for the mastering.

Click here for Jo Burzynska‘s website.