Touch Radio 1 | BJNilsen

17.01.05 – Land of Lions [touchradio edit] – 37:46

Photo: Sarah Brownie

January 17th 2005 – to coincide with the UK release date of his new album, Fade to white [Touch # TO:65]. Live at Experimental Intermedia, New York City, on 15th December 2004 at 2145

“I was invited by Phill Niblock to do a performance at his loft in Chinatown, New York. A suggestion was made that the night would be shared with my friend Lary 7 who also performed that evening. The playback system was configured as a quadraphonic speaker set-up. This is an A/B microphone recording.

With thanks to: Phill, Lary 7, Dion, Tonic and all the good spirits of NYC, and the recording engineer, Byron Westbrook”

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