Touch Radio 136 | Charlie Campagna

31.01.18 – Charlie Campagna – Fog – 6:29 – 320 kbps

“It was 1995; a cold fall day with heavy fog just north of the San Francisco Bay between the Bay Bridge and Jenner in Northern California. I had a spaced pair of B&K 4003 omni-directional microphones with me to capture bay backgrounds. Due to the fog I was able to capture a variety of horns throughout the day.

The piece is a collage of these horn backgrounds along with a freight container ship horn from the Port of Los Angeles. The discovery of hearing these together was a happenstance while previewing the files in unison and hearing a suspended chord automatically I perceived it as a composition.

I also added an underwater sound recorded with a B&K 8011 hydrophone of jet streams from a pool filter.”

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Charlie Campagna