Touch Radio 7 | Toshiya Tsunoda

21.08.05 – Appearance of physical vibration – 19:37

Photo: Dave Knapik

These recordings are studies of the sonic effects of physical vibration
Track 1 – high frequency on a plate glass – 05:46

“Seven piezo ceramic discs are connected with an sine wave generator – and the discs are on a plate glass. Same frequency is output to the piezo discs The frequency shifts slowly and continuously from 9000hz to 20000hz. Due to this, you can listen various sounds made by high-speed cyclic contact between piezo disc and a plate glass, like a ball dribbles. This recording is a private live performance at my room.”
Track 2 – top of amplitude – 08:25

“I detected the top and bottom of the amplitude from a certain audio signal by a precious gate device. L channel is top (plus level), R channel is bottom (minus level).”

Track 3 – on electromagnetic siren – 05:26

“Output an audio signal to the coil of an 100hz electromagnetic siren. The electromagnetic siren vibrates, so you can listen to the amplitude changes according to an audio signal on R channel. L channel, connected by an electrical wire to small metal reeds on the siren which acts like a switch to transmit any vibration from the coil. You can listen intermittently to any change in the vibration. In this work, there are two ways of description; the R channel is continual or linear, the L channel is intermit or dotted.”

[“The audio signals of tracks 2 and 3 are field recordings source material – environmental sounds from the suburbs. Track 2 was recorded by me, in Fukada-dai, Yokosuka City, Japan, c. 1997. Track 3 was recorded by Steve Roden somewhere in California. Track 3 was made for Steve Roden’s installation project several years before which was held in a certain museum of California.

This material has not been released on any recording media.”]