Touch Radio 40 | Edwin Pouncey

03.04.09 – R’Occult ‘n’ Roll – 23:52 – 192 kpbs VBR


Recorded 02.04.09, at “R’Occult ‘n’ Roll – Music and Magic on the Wild Side”

Readings by Sandy Robertson and Edwin Pouncey at Treadwell’s Books, London.

“The connections between rock music and the occult range from the legends of bluesmen selling their souls to the Devil for success, through to the influence of Aleister Crowley on the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin in the 60s and 70s, and the Satanic music and imagery of today’s Black Metal underground. This talk will cover all these subjects, together with lesser-known examples of ‘rockultism’. You may even get to hear some mad, bad and occasionally dangerous musick too. Earplugs optional.

Sandy Robertson is the author of The Aleister Crowley Scrapbook (now in print for 20 years) and has written for Mojo, NME and other publications. As well as being a music writer and illustrator for The Wire magazine, Edwin Pouncey (aka Savage Pencil/Sav X) is an artist whose work has been shown in galleries in the UK, Europe and America. Sandy Robertson and Edwin Pouncey were colleagues at the legendary rock paper Sounds during the 80s.”

In this excerpt, Edwin Pouncey discusses the genealogy of Black Metal.