the human effect
forms of noncooperation
suspension or refusal
initiated to withdraw

she will not visit
she will not serve
she will not profit

she closes
she avoids

she does not work
she does not patronize
she does not consume

she invents alternatives to obedience

price too high
not available to all
terms unequal
symbolic of general discontent
conditions objectionable

she postpones compliance
where there is no supervision

she disguises disobedience and reappears with new names
her face is always calm and inscrutable

she assembles
she disperses
she sits down
she blocks the path that she tends
she trespasses everywhere she walks

she pays no rent
she does not occupy spaces where others have been evicted

she asks no permission
she acknowledges no authority
she does not cooperate
she does not comply
she refuses to recognize

she continues to meet
she bestows elsewhere
she avoids the center
she declares void
she flouts
she refuses
she writes as she speaks
she does not soothe
she does not intimidate

she acts in the open
unhidden but not advertised

she begins
she has begun