Touch Radio 92 | R Martin Seddon

27.03.13 – Indian Storm – 22:31 – 320 kbps

Equipment Used:
Pearl MS-2 CL microphone outputting MS, matrixed in a Sound Devices SD302 mixer and recorded stereo to a Nagra BB+.

Camp Forktail Creek just outside the Corbett Tiger Reserve near Ramnagar, Uttaranchal, Northern India.

March/April 2009. [On a Wildeye trip to India with Chris Watson.]

After our evening meal of vegetable curry which followed a long, bumpy day in the Corbett Tiger Reserve (looking for… tigers of course!), we settled down to the sound of distant thunder. Our hosts advised that we took shelter before the rain started and soon after the short walk to my hut the first spots were falling. Recording equipment was hurriedly set up under the veranda and my hut-mate and I settled down on deck-chairs. After only a very short wait, with skipper frogs calling from the nearby pond, the rain started. Very soon the only sound was of rain and distant thunder and everyone, even the monitor lizard that lived in the thatch of our roof, stayed put until the storm passed.

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