The Wildlife Sound Recording Society have written a piece on their blog…

The Guardian (UK):

Touch, an independent arts organisation that turned 25 last year, is home to artists such as Christian Fennesz, Biosphere and Chris Watson. Touch Radio features challenging and entertaining material, including field recordings, interviews and live performances. There are audio diaries from Chris Watson, where he illuminates his work as a wildlife sound recordist in the Galapagos Islands, taking in the Alcedo volcano. If you are truly tired of words by this stage, you will find an antidote in Touch 10: The Bits Inbetween by Vicki Bennett, whose own show on WFMU, a glorious mashup (, will leave you in a spin. [Pascal Wyse]

Gonzo Circus (Belgium):

For lovers of intelligent music and extremities is the British Touchlabel a standard. Not only in their output of music, but also in their design & packaging of their cds and website is Touch unique. On Touch Radio they add constantly new radiophonic pearls to their archive, all pieces are exclusively composed for the site. [Peter Deschamps]

Turbulence (net) on TouchRadio 29

diquit review on TouchRadio 50

Ears Peeled (UK):

I also highly recommend the latest releases at TouchRadio. Jana Winderen’s Utvær is a short piece based on recordings from the remote Norwegian island of the same name, and sounds appropriately isolated. Notturno by Guðni Franzson is a very relaxing, unhurried recording of birds in Laugarvatn, Iceland.

musicaindustrial (Spain):

Como parte de una serie de grabaciones de sonidos inusuales en la Laguna de Venecia, Enrico Coniglio grabó esta pieza una noche en un depósito de botes del servicio de transporte público, no muy lejos de la plaza de San Marcos. El título del tema, Sapientum Super Acquis, hace referencia a un organismo creado en 1501 para salvaguardar el delicado equilibro de la laguna y cuidar la salud del agua. No tuvieron mucho éxito, actualmente la laguna es un pozo de contaminación debido a que está próxima a una de las áreas industriales más amplias de Europa.

For the past seven years Touch Radio has commissioned an impressive series of audio gems that cover a range of recording subjects and styles. Audio diaries sit alongside pure field recordings, experimental music pieces and live performances from the likes of Chris Watson, Signe Liden, Philip Jeck and other noted figures.

Touch Radio offers access to a range of programmes made exclusively by musicians, recordists and artists affiliated with Touch. The current collection contains 79 programmes spanning the past seven years and is full of wonders.

Cheryl Tipp from The British Library wildlife section of the Sound Archive offers a new mix of extracts from TouchRadio, which you can listen to here.